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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where I've been & New completed work!

Hi Everyone :)

Over the past few months (while severely neglecting my blog) so much has happened, some good, more than plenty not so good.. But things are looking up so lets focus on that shall we :)

As some of you know last year I was laid off. I decided that after 15 years of commuting to NYC - which is a 3 to 4 hour a day commute- to take it as a sign that I should look locally for a position that would leave me time to focus on things I want to do & enjoy doing.

A position close to home, that would still allow me to afford living, have more creative time, teach and continue to volunteer weekends with animals...Sounds almost impossible doesn't it?  It has been extremely draining, stressful and time consuming but I have been determined. This week it seems to have paid off!  The position I really wanted but couldn't afford to take called to renegotiate again and I finally accepted.  It is 8 minutes from my house!!  I cannot believe it.

Also exciting - I am now teaching at a wonderful local art studio! Children's drawing and painting classes and dragon sculpting!! If you are in the NY, NJ area please visit the SMB Studio Arts website for the schedule &/or just stop by the studio to check out the place and say Hi!! :)  We are holding the Mixed Media Doll Artist Retreat there next month too, please check it out!

I'm also coordinating a meetup group for local mixed media artists (and those wanting to learn) to get together at the studio and just have some creative fun. Please check it out and join me if you can :)

I've been experimenting and have a tremendous amount of new work started and manged to finish up some older pieces. While de-cluttering my studio - again - I realized I haven't really shared even a third of my work, anywhere!  I'm hoping I will now have more time to share it...

Lets start with him...

He's a stone/ rock collector...

See this old entry here?  I started this piece in 2008!
This poor guy has waited ever so patiently for me to finish him!!

I finally gave him a body and am so happy to see him complete.
Polymer, stones, crystals, recycled materials, acrylics

He kept me company at the art show last weekend at the studio!

The two piece in the front are mine. The shadowbox is an older piece but still a favorite.
The figure behind them is the piece for the upcoming retreat by Sherry Goshon & Jean Bernard.
(Studio photo by Michael Dote)

And these little dragon pods are NEW and in my etsy shoppe - Free shipping! :)

I'm really looking forward to this next chapter and seeing where it takes me.
As always, thank you for visiting and have a super~fantastic day!

Big hugs,


Scratching at the Window said...

Wow, Sprite, that's amazing news! How bold and brave of you, I'm so happy things are coming together in such a positive way! Now, do you think that renewed creativity can be channelled into a little Hallowe'en mischief and you can join us for the Hallowe'en Studio Tour? Let me know please!

Catherine said...

I love your new creations and your blog :) I haven't been here much but so glad to see you are doing great and tell you I am so inspired by you :) Thank you and blessings.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

congrats on the job! :D

i love those little dragons, so cute :D

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh Sprite I am so glad for you. I know what a struggle it has been for you but now all is falling into place. Love your new pieces and I look forward to seeing more from you.

Sravya said...

Hi Sprite,
Am glad that you are coming out of your people shyness. the blog is good.

Donna Humphries said...

Wow I've only just discovered your blog. Your stuffs amazing. I love this one x