The greatest creations are those that as you create them, you get lost in your thoughts, by the time you're tired of thinking you're holding in your hands, something from deep within...

Welcome inside my head, my heart...

Monday, April 11, 2011

WIPS for PA Show :D Earth beings, a giant dragonfly and... a foot. :D

Making some progress on a few pieces, woo hoo!! Tremendous amount to do yet but fun fun!

I was trying to determine whether or not crappy pics were better than no pics and decided, yes, yes they are :D So here are a few.

A being, either emerging from the earth or dissolving into it.

A giant dragonfly i started a few years ago and then sat on a shelf.
I'm really enjoying working on him again! His body still needs alot of work but I couldnt resist playing with and experimenting with his wings :)

An earth healer..and certainly a piece of me. Its hard to make out the details sculpted on the back but hopefully you can see her partially deformed wings...

And a foot for the dragon creature thing, well the start of one anyway ;)

Have a super day everyone and thanks so much for visiting!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Hello!! and some news! :D

Hi Everyone!!

I cannot believe so much time has passed? lapsed? vanished? since my last blog post! Good gawd! My apologies and thanks for sticking with me regardless of my absence :) Over the past few months so much has happened we are just going to start fresh okie dokie?.....

How is everyone!? :) I hope super!

I just got back from Sherry & Jean's RenoIowa retreat, it was my first time in Reno and the retreat was absolutely amazing! I learned a ton, thoroughly enjoyed being with familiar friends, making new ones and I finally got to meet two of my close friends after only knowing them online~for 6 years, AWESOME!

Hopefully I'll get a slide show up soon. Cannot say enough positive things about these teachers or the experience. and guess what? They added another retreat! East Coast -New York in July and I cannot wait - I am in NY! WOO HOO GO ME! If you'd like to check out and/or reserve your spot at one of the retreats here's the link: Seriously amazing.

Also I have some news... :) I am doing my very first show in May in PA! I'm very excited and of course a tad nervous, especially since its a month away and guess who doesn't have a thing made/finished yet? HA HA HA Guess who wont be sleeping much until after the show?

If you are attending or are in the area and can stop by please let me know so I know to look for you. I would sooooo love to see some familiar faces and /or meet you!! Here is the link

As for creating, well, since my last post/ pics in June thankfully I've started quite a few new pieces and even finished a couple! So I'm thinking it might be fun to randomly snap pictures around the studio including the stuff I usually don't show... screw reservation! :) At the moment, my computer is fried so until I get the part to fix it, here are a few random wip pics that were in my cell camera you may or may not have already seen ;)

Weird lil gourd head creature - paperclay & plastercloth

My first start at a pair of paperclay hands -

Random Body Parts, Sculpted feathers, the start of a raven mask and a teeeeny tiny dragon

Lil dragon in a half shell who will probably be removed and put into something else later...

and I guess that's it for now.. more very soon!

As always, thanks so much for visiting!! Hopefully I'll be able to post and share more frequently once things settle down a bit.

LOVE and big hugs :)