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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween Everyone!! :D

I thought I'd post a quicky on the lil guys I've been working on. They still need lots of work, cleaning, painting, wings, embellishing etc. but here's what they look like so far. I am having sooo much fun with them!! Now to decide on their colors. Any suggestions? :)

My lil Trick r Treat ers?

The first one's a lil chubby baby bat dragon, sitting in a Halloween candy bucket and will be munchin on some bones, candy corn and innards. He'll have bat wings. See how chubby he is from eating all those treats? :D

The second lil one is fast asleep in his caldron bubble bath (bubbles to come later ;) Possibly tired from trick or treating. The skeleton mask he's wearing is on an elastic cord, it's positionable and removable.

Have a wonderful day, eat lots of candy, have lots of fun, and be safe!!

Enjoy the weekend and thanks so much for visiting!! Happy Halloween!

BIG hugs,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Roboboot?! ;)

Hello There :) I hope you have all been super!

This years been kinda crazy, I recently had my third foot surgery all in less than 11 months, this time by a different doctor, it looks like he was able to correct whatever went wrong and it seems to have went well. I'm really excited and finally feel like I'll be able to walk (normally) again after this is over with. Third times a charm? Woo hoo! yeah! :)

This is the new robotic looking boot cast above (my roboboot!?) I have to wear while on crutches for the next 8 + weeks. Cool looking isn't it? Can't say I haven't worn similiar ones ;) but that sucker is heavy! I'm getting quite the workout!

Hopefully Ill have some new pictures to share shortly. I did take a few pics of some new stuff I was working on before surgery I haven't gotten to look through yet. I'm looking forward to getting back to them.

It's funny how pain meds can create such wonderful inspiring visuals but you lack any desire to move and feel too nauseous to do any of em HA HA HA. Now that I'm taking less, I'm hoping the newly arranged- so I can sit and create with my leg up and watch movies - studio, is manageable. Gosh I hope so I'd been going stir crazy! I couldn't do much of anything fun, thank goodness for kitties, reruns and drawing. ;) So now I need some new movies to watch, see any fun ones or have any favorites you could recommend? :) It'd be much appreciated!

Oh!!! and I received two awesome Awards from two awesome peoples!!!!!

The fabulous Jodi Creager has presented me with the Kreative Blogger Award! WOW! What an honor! Thanks so much Jodi!

and lovely Anjah has given me the "Este blog e um sonho" award which is a beautiful little stamp which I believe translates to "This blog is a dream" :) As is hers, thank you sweetie!

I'm flattered & honored that both thought of lil me!

As soon as I can sit here and think straight enough to answer the questions, I'll be back to pass them along! THANK YOU so much ladies!! :)

Thanks for visiting & for keeping me company!
Have a super day!