The greatest creations are those that as you create them, you get lost in your thoughts, by the time you're tired of thinking you're holding in your hands, something from deep within...

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh my! A magical box of Creager Happiness!

Hello Everyone! My goodness I'm so excited I just have to share!
I am sure you are all familiar with the Creagers yes? :) Well, a few weeks ago they had a blog giveaway. A name would be drawn from their followers list and the prize would be random goodies laying around the studio. A prize for enjoying and visiting such an inspiring, most entertaining blog? Huh!

I hoped and prayed I'd win but never for a second did I envision that it could actually happen. Well, while I was away a name was drawn and there sitting in my inbox when I returned home was an email letting me know it was me!! :O I still cannot believe it, Happy belated birthday to me! I rarely win anything let alone something like this!

It's here! It's here! I came home the other day to a glorious box of Magical Creager happiness sitting outside my door!

What makes this all even more unbelievable is the size and contents of the goodie box. Oh-my-GAWD! Would you look at what they did?! It's filled to the brim with stuff! Random goodies including these awesome skeleton finger molds (they made me do a double take hee hee) and flashy fibers to play with!

Their DVDS?! :O Holy **!!

A Creager collectors piece?! I'm not ready to open it quite yet - it'll need to go in a protected cabinet but here's a quick peek at the wonderful elf inside.

And, as if the above wasnt more than plenty.... there's still more!

Jewelry! Sculpted hands! Props! and The coolest hand armatures I've ever seen! All incredible.

A poster, cards, dvd including photos of their amazing, inspiring work and a wonderful little handwritten note. Can you see the print of Richards train drawing below? I can't get over the details. I took separate photos of it but it comes up sideways on blogger. Jodi's photo's of it are so much better than mine anyway so here's the link to it in their etsy shop. I cannot wait to have these framed.

I'm seriously still in a bit of shock. Not just at the combined talent of these two artists but also their kindness and generosity. This box left me temporarily speechless and each time I go through its contents, it happens again.

Jodi, Richard, you're amazing. These gifts made my heart all warm and fuzzy. I will enjoy them for years to come. No doubt they will keep me company and help during my recovery over the next few months. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I truly hope everyone is having a super week and that something magical happens to enhance it. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing my excitement with me. It means a lot. I certainly feel like one lucky lil girl. :)

Life's good...


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Elderly Witch and her elderly pet dragon...

Hi Everyone! My goodness time has flown.
My apologies for the lack of posts! It's been crazy, yet again!

I just got back from the retreat with Sherry & Jean. It was of course awesome! Learned a ton! Sherry and her family warmly opened up their amazing home to all of us. It was so special, I can hardly wait to be back there next year. Hopefully I'll be able to get up some pictures of all the fun soon.

In the weeks prior to the retreat, I'd been desperately trying to pack and ship my supplies, finish my retreat challenge piece amongst many other things. I created a few pieces before I left that needed to go with me, when I get pics I'll share those too.

For now, here's my newest...
I learned an incredible amount during its creation. I've never before attempted, this old. I think I'm most excited about her hat and little tiny pocket! Can you see it? hee heee!

A few years ago a friend of mine shared a poem with me that was found on the internet, written by "angel" as pertains to commercial type witches and why they may have appeared as they did. It sheds a very different light. It's a very sad poem and it has stuck with me since. You can read it here if you'd like... She Returns...

This piece was indirectly inspired by both the poem and my good friend who shared it with me, who just happens to be a witch.

I hope she likes the, kinder gentler vision and interpretation. I wanted to show her as the gentle old woman she is, someone who might even just be tired of acting out the part every Halloween simply because of how she is portrayed and gladly retires to her quiet spot in the woods, to her faithful companion, her elderly little dragon.

As always, thank you for stopping by :)

Hope you are all enjoying the season.

Love and hugs,