The greatest creations are those that as you create them, you get lost in your thoughts, by the time you're tired of thinking you're holding in your hands, something from deep within...

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sphinx Head :)

I've had a wonderfully creative week :) I'm finally getting some things acomplished. I'm so excited!

This is the head and hands for my Sphinx, one of the series of classes i'm taking working with gourds with Marilyn Radzat. I used the roll of wire to hold her head as i sculpted it (as you can see my stands in the background are full of wips!) But it inspired me :) I think she will be wearing gold rings around her long neck, the idea is similar to the african long neck women only she will have a collar coming up around her face, with dagger/shards beneath the collar. Her face and hands will be part flesh, and part stone, as if she has slowly turned into stone over time. This is my vision, but we will see where she will take me :)

Thanks for visiting! Hugs, Sprite

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Two Posts in one day? - WIP it, WIP it good! ;)

Another WIP! :)

I set out to make another very little dragon, but this guy came out instead :)

He just kept growing. I hope you like him so far. I have to say, he is very me :).
It looks like something out of one of my drawings; and is quite creaturesq....

I just started detailing him so he needs alot of work still.
Please come visit again soon to see his progress :)


Comments welcome! please share your thoughts.....
( i hope they are pleasant ones :) )

WIP! :)

I'm taking a series of classes with Marilyn Radzat, learning how to work with gourds.

The little dragon on my previous entry will live "within" this piece, on the little leaf.

Here are some in progress pictures, quite a bit left to go.