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Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Stuff! Dragons and Baby Bird Dragon-Creatures??

Hi everyone! Hope you have all been super and are enjoying the summer so far!

I made a little more progress on the paper clay bust but still have much more work to do yet. Before I can move further I need to get his horns, teeth & spikes made so I can embed them in the clay and start constructing the wing frames.

Here's where we are so far:

Thankfully, playing with paperclay inspired me to start some other new projects. It's so great to be creating again! I'm sculpting, drawing, painting, a little of everything! Yippee! I'm currently working on the courage to put up a couple of older drawings up (you know larger than thumbnail size) ha ha ha hopefully soon!

A few weeks ago I started playing with the Firm Super sculpey. I don't know why but i had convinced myself this stuff was going to be as hard as a rock, impossible to condition and would need to be chiseled into rather than sculpted with. Of course it is not at all like that so it needlessly sat in my drawer for years!

Sometimes with new or different clay(s) stranger than normally strange creatures emerge. I started sculpting thinking a dragon was about to be born but instead a baby bird dragon creature hatched from my clay!? Cute, but odd little creature isnt it!? He looks hungry, I wonder where his mommy is (hopefully finding him some food) and what she looks like.

Needs much work yet, horns, teeth, feet! ;) wing membranes and possibly some feathers or fuzzy flocking in areas cuz baby bird fuzz is just too cute not to include. :D

This little one is being cured in the oven in stages the brownish areas are where I temporarily cured to hold details with a heat gun and roasted it. No worries it'll be painted anyway - speaking of which...I haven't a clue what colors he'll be, yellow, gold/ blue? Black, purple & red? ANY suggestions? Please!? :)

That other lil blob next to him is a really rough start of a sleeping mousey looking creature.

As for the clay, I like working with it, not sure if its as strong as I would have imagined it to be but perhaps sitting in a drawer for years had something to do with that. The pieces is fine but I think I'll add some strengthener to it next time.

OH! and in closing, I see a few new readers, welcome and thank you all for being here! It truly makes my heart happy! :) Especially since I'm not the most frequent blogger and am long winded when I do post! To show my appreciation, I'm considering having a giveaway open to followers at 200 or so. That should give me a lil time to figure out what its going to be hee hee :) So stay tuned!

As always, Thanks so much for visiting!

BIG hugs,