The greatest creations are those that as you create them, you get lost in your thoughts, by the time you're tired of thinking you're holding in your hands, something from deep within...

Welcome inside my head, my heart...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Naughty indeed!

Hi everyone! :)

Not the best pic, but good enough for a sneak peak? ;)

She's still a wip (still sewing her body here! ha ha) but at least she's got some hair! She wants to wear black, we were trying on some clothes not too long ago and she got very attached to this one. So much, that she wont let me take it off! We'll just have work around that ;) Wish me luck, please! hee hee

Our beginner group has our annual holiday ornament swap taking place at the moment, so I need to focus on those right now (fun!! :D) but hopefully she'll get finished in between. I'm excited to see where she's going :)

More and better pics soon!

Have a super~fantastic, creative and magical day everyone!

Thank you for visiting :)

Big hugs,

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A naughty little thing she is!

Well Hello there :)

It's been a while huh! My apologies!
If you're reading this... thank you for not giving up on me and for coming to visit! I haven't been very creative lately but at least my house is starting to look like one again :D Just in time for the holidays!

This is my newest wip, She's been a slooow progress but were getting there. I had pictured her quite different than how she is turning out so I kept getting stuck and ended up arguing with her over it, repeatedly!

I know they will always win, I'm just the hands that are bringing them out, right? ;) But, that doesn't mean it isn't frustrating!
(This is why deadlines for me, are good. No time to over think = not stuck!)
No wonder I have so many unfinished pieces! ha ha ha

Anyway, I put that naughty little thing in the corner for a while, in a "time out". I wasn't quite ready to fess up to her that she'd won but she'll find out later tonight when she gets the crazy hair she's been asking for. ;)

Hope everyone has been super!
Take care and stay well!

Again, thank you so much for stopping by.... :)

Luv n Hugs,