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Saturday, August 22, 2009

On the Sculpting Table :)

Hi Everyone!

Since things are once again crazy, I figured I'd share what’s on the sculpting table before more time passes! Hamadryad has been put on hold, I poured so much energy into that piece that when I finally stopped working, I was drained and couldn’t create for days. This happens to me often, but it’s not ideal when you have so much to do! So now I’m trying to get things back on track, running out of time and attempting to crank things out.

I have the retreat next month in Iowa with Jean & Sherry & cannot wait! I’m so excited but sooo unprepared! I dyed some fibers and need to get my supplies packed and shipped shortly.

They are having a Halloween/ harvest challenge at the retreat. There is just not time to construct the piece I had in mind but along the same lines, I’m attempting my first very elderly woman/ witch of sorts and her elderly dragon! The dragon pics were blurry so i'll snap some new ones soon. I sure hope to finish in time but if not, I will when I return. Still plenty of time to get it in for the ADO Halloween Challenge either way :D

This is what we’ll be making, isn’t it awesome?!
This large bug woman is a collaboration between Jean & Sherry.

I sculpted my head, well two of them, but decided on this first one since it goes better with the creature I have in mind. ;) It'll be covered and painted so i didn't go crazy perfecting anything. Here they were getting ready to hit the oven. :D

Recently my polymer group had the dragon challenge which inspired me to try a larger scale fully standing dragon which I kept wanting to do but putting off for one reason or another. I didn’t get to finish it but I’m trying to get him far enough to get into the oven before the trip so he doesn’t get ruined. Here he is so far, he's very rough and pics arent to sharp either. For a while there he looked like he was doing a chicken dance! Still kinda does doesn't it? ha ha ha It was going to have a little tiny dragon hatchling along with it in an earthy crystal setting, but now I keep getting this weird vision of the dragon, trick or treating with a pumpkin basket?! what the!? HA HA HA Could just be the effects of the season approaching but I can’t decide whether to run with it or run from it!

Here is another little guy who stole my attention. I think he's on his way to becoming a chubby candy corn eating baby bat dragon.

Oh!! and I finally added some bits to my cage piece to tie the class trio together. So see I haven't entirely failed my UFO challenge! woo hoo! I sure hope Sherry likes it. :)

Ps: Once things settle down a bit, I am planning to do a small blog contest/ give away as a little thank to my readers and followers. I can’t believe its at 111 today! Thank you so all much! :) Please stay tuned for details!

Have a super fantastic and wonderfully creative day.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!

BIG hugs,

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fan~Frieken~Tastic! ART!

Hi Everyone! We'll I have a few new pieces under way but I have not gotten to take pics yet. I will shortly, I promise! :)

I received two very special awards recently from my friend Cindy. I'm totally honored and completely flattered that she thought of me for both! Wow! Thank you sooo much Cindy!!! She's new to blogging, please help me welcome her and her awesome work into blogland! She is really something wonderful!

The Bella Sinclair Award…is a very special award and the person it was made for is a very special woman. She is a sister-friend, a talented artist, A great mom, a poet, a mental ninja, a muse, beautiful, a genius, and her friend-sister Ces created it for her.

Read the full article HERE.

The Byrum Spiritual Award means
“You make a difference … I know, because you have for me!”

There are quite a few people that fit both award descriptions! I guess I'll have to narrow it down (for now!) so, I'd like to pass these awards to my very special friends, Sherry, Jean and Judy.

Judy & I met a few years ago on BPCAG; our beginner group. She helps us all on a daily basis. She's been a great friend to me and is always so helpful. She also is very new to blogging.

I have got to share this with you. My group recently had a dragon challenge, I didn't get to participate but the entries were all terrific. Judy's piece won and in a minute you will clearly see why. Her newest sculpture is amazing and incredible. Think I'm kidding? I'm not! I have gotten so many emails from people thinking I created this piece, it's very close to my heart and I wish I could say I did, but alas I did not!

It's unbelievable and truly unique. Ready for this?
It's a dragon, but not quite.. It's dead, his remains.
An amazing creatures bones!

A visual?.....

A long life, with many battles... a once strong being, glides into this spot to rest, he's tired, frail and weak. He rests his head on a rock and diminishes. A beautiful creature has fallen, his bones left behind, showing his amazing structure and feats.

An unbelievable and amazing piece.

Congrats Judy :)

If you love her piece as much as I do, or even shed a tear because of it, maybe pop over to her blog and let her know that you enjoyed her work. :)

Thank you to both ladies! And thank you all for helping me welcome them into blogland in celebrating incredible artwork!

BIG hugs,