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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Ornaments 2008! :D

Well hello there, thanks for checking in!
I hope you are enjoying the holiday season! :)

Oh my goodness is it Christmas already?! I have been so busy I lost track of time and just realized Christmas was not a week away, but only a few days! The tree has finally gotten its decorations, the house is almost ready for Christmas dinner and the shopping is just about done! But wow, where did that time go!?

I'll tell you where it went! Making holiday ornaments, thats where! :) I got so sucked in that the month just flew by. If I haven't mentioned it before, let me just express to how much I LOVE making ornaments! The fact that they were created for friends made it even more enjoyable and special.

I always set out thinking 'this year I do something simple' but, I have come to realize, I just cannot do simple! I was a little late with sending some of them out but think they forgave me. They seem to be pleased and I know I am thrilled with the ones I received!

First, as promised, a clearer picture of our naughty lil' thing WIP. She's only half sewn & pinned, shhhh I kinda like her that way ;)

She's said she wanted to help me with my ornaments but I think she was just up to some mischief when I wasn't looking.
What do you think?

These are the ornaments I made for my partners....Since theres a lot going on in each view I put in a couple pics of each :) Hope you like them!

Jack Frost - Nipping at your nose!

Escaping with the swift of the wind in the night...leaving only the bitter cold and frost of winter in his path...


A little elf caught out in the snow. Standing outside, alone, on a quiet winters night, under the glow of a street lamp.Content and just enjoying the falling snow.

Look what I found? A baby candy cane dragon peeking out of a chilli pepper shaped stitched leaves stocking. How'd that lil guy get in there, anyway!?

Uh oh, he's been munching on all the candy canes again! I bet he's got some fresh breath! Got any mistletoe? ;)

Here, a teeny tiny sleeping mermaid in a kelp blankie, cuddling a coral heart.

She's been about most of the day, swimming and collecting treasures....suddenly, she becomes very very sleepy and slowly drifts into a small sea bed. The kelp begins to wrap itself around her; securing and protecting her and keeping her tiny body warm. Her favorite treasure falls from her clutches, lands and nestles onto her chest.

Cuddling the little coral heart, she falls into a deep sleep...

Sweet dreams little angel...

Wishing you and your family the happiest of holidays...