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Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm back! and playing with paper clay! ;D

Hi Everyone! My goodness time has flown hasn't it!?

My apologies for the lack of updates, after my last entry my camera lens jammed so I've been without one. I was taking wip pics for an upcoming class and think I got some sand and glue in there, oops! Lesson learned ;) I'd also been in a major creative slump and when that happens I mostly draw and experiment with new mediums here and there - nothing terribly exciting but keeps me sane anyway...

Then last week I was reminded of how short life is with heartbreaking news of Hannie's passing... an amazing, awe inspiring incredible artist....who will be deeply missed.... slump lifted. I didn't want to waste another precious moment waiting to play with materials I've wanted to experiment with, I grabbed the package of paper clay that I've had for quite a while and quickly grabbed some supplies and tools and started slapping some of it on a larger than my normal scale dragon bust armature that's been waiting for some love. To my surprise, I don't mind the feel of the paperclay which I'm thrilled about!

I'd only used this stuff briefly once before at Sherry & Jean's retreat. I love the idea of using it but it was quite different than what i was used to (polymer & apoxie) I was disappointed to find I did not like it, couldn't work with it, hated how it sucked my paint right into the seams I poorly blended and so I begged for help and gave the rest of my opened pack to Sherry to keep and make something wonderful with (and I have no doubt that she did!) I've seen so many beautiful figures being made with it I knew there had to be more to it....and there is! I think I just needed to try it again when I wasn't as nervous as I was in class.

Here's a quick pic of my first paper clay piece snapped with my cell phone

It needs much work yet, including bulk, details, teeth, horns, wings etc, but i think I'm lovin the paper clay, (Although, truth be told I may add some of the finer details in my beloved apoxie sculpt.)

Hope you have all been super!!!!! As always thanks so much for visiting!!

BIG hugs,