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Monday, July 14, 2008

From the hatchery... baby dragons! :)

Ok, so I'm really slow at this.., you forgive me?

A couple months ago Sherry asked me to create two dragons in collaboration with her and Jean for a piece she was making for her husband.... one was to be climbing over the top of the book peeking down at the other, sleeping in the cave....

If you haven't seen her piece.... take a look and read about it on her blog, heres a direct link but be sure to see what else shes been up to :)

To say the least, I was honored, completely flattered, excited... and nervous as hell.

Why? Did I forget to mention that aside from a few little swap ornaments these are the first actual pieces sent to live elsewhere?

I finally got up the courage to get cranking so I would get finished on time... On no sleep, no time left and having work the next day... the finished pictures you see below are the best I could come up with at 3 in the morning. I wasn't being rushed, I just wanted it there on time for his birthday/ anniversary... :)

I'm posting a few photos for now until I can sort and see if I have better ones.

Above is a wip pic, next is a shot outside before they were finished - which I believe to be most accurate as far as colors, and below which were taken inside.. All cleaned up with lil newly hatched wings....

maybe you can piece together a visual of what they looked like :)

Their new parents seemed very pleased, which makes me very happy! :D

As always, thanks for stopping by :)

*Sprite ;)


Daydreamer :) said...

OMG! OMG! OMG! SPRITE! They are adorable! I can't wait until you put some more of these critters up for adoption. Sherry's hubby is SO lucky! I have to go tell Carrie ;)

Heather :)

Sooz said...

Sprite -
You know how much I LOVE your dragons! How cool to collaborate with Sherry and Jean!
So, when are you gonna make me one?

Linda Fleming said...

Sprite, your dragons are marvelous! I can see why Sherry and Jean wanted to do a piece with you. You are so talented! I love your sculpts.

Sharon-NZ said...

very very clever, I love them they are perfect

Tracy said...

Just love your dragons Sprite!! so much detail on something so small!!
Have added a link to your blog :)

Linda Fleming said...

thank you, Sprite, for the kind comment you left on my blog. Fay stayed away and we are safe. But she is wrecking havoc in other areas- unfortunately.