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Thursday, January 31, 2008

A friendly? Little Goblin..

Well here's the newest little forest creature to visit me. Doesn't he look friendly? :D

He's just a head right now, but I'm excited to work on and finish him. Next up, Hands!
I haven't done hands this size yet or quite like what I have in mind, what fun this will be!

He's considerably smaller than the troll head on an earlier blog entry, but I think (hope) starting smaller will make him less intimidating and then I'll continue working on the big guy.

He's been tickling my muse.. I think she likes him, thank goodness.
It feels good to be creating again. :)

Thanks for visiting!!



Linda Fleming said...

Sprite, this little head is truly adorable! What a wonderful sculpt. I look forward to seeing this little guy finished- I know he is going to be delightful.

Daydreamer :) said...

He's spectacular!!! Can't wait to see his hands.

Anonymous said...

He's great! I will be waiting to see him finished also!!

Kai said...

Sprite, you have a way with these darling lil' other-realm creatures! Love your goblin! He looks very approachable & sweet! I know why! You incorporate your special Sprite-like spirit in him!

Jean Bernard said...

AWESOME job Sprite-Bite :) I am so GLAD you have come out of your sluimp and this lil guy is helping you do just that! what a sweet sprite lil face he has and those ears! oh my! Hurry! I want to see him finished. will he have a baby dragon as a friend hmmmmmm???? lol
love ya kiddo

The Treadler said...

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Tea Rose said...

What an adorable little guy! I love your work. Do you post pictures anywhere else? I'd like to feature you on my blog ( sometime, but I like to have two or three links for someone before I do that.