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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

And so it begins.... UFO/ WIP Challenge!

Hi Everyone :) I hope you have been super!

Two posts in one day! Go me! ha ha ha jk ;)

These past few months have certainly been crazy but I'm hoping now things are getting back on track :) Here's a quick run down or you can scroll to the end to see what's going on creatively.

December 30, I had foot surgery which I have very slowly been recovering from.Wearing those oh so pretty 4 inch heeled boots for the majority of my life to hide the fact that I'm fairly tiny, left me on crutches and unable to walk for far longer than the doctor suggested.

For those of you who may not know me very well... I rarely relax or sit still and when I do I'm usually doing something "productive" while doing it so being down for so long was really getting to me. Talk about frustrating! Thankfully I'm walking again :)

To add to the craziness of things, I lost two uncles just a few months apart. My moms brothers and at the same time, my grandmother, was put in the hospital/ nursing home. Please send some healing energies our way to help mend our hearts and so we can take her home soon :)

On the plus sides, I'm healing. I got a new computer so now hopefully updating the blog will be much easier. I got myself a lil car, a volkswagon golf and its so cute! I should also have up an etsy store pretty soon.

Now, lets get back on the creative track! I'm participating in two challenges. :D

One is for ADO which is Shakespeare themed!

The other came to be through chatting with some friends the other day about unfinished pieces laying around the studio. I am terrible at finishing things especially if I do not have a deadline of some sort so this ought to keep me on my toes :) (Thanks Linda!)

The challenge is to post a photo of your UFO's & WIPS and finish one of them per month and post the finished piece on your blog on the first of the month. If you'd like to join us please let me know, or add it in your comment so we can add you to the blog list :) I think this will be motivating and inspire us to finish some of those poor lil guys who have waited patiently for their turn.

I put together many of my wips last night, these were just the ones I thought I might actually complete someday.

I tried to count them.... I believe there are over 60! Yes, I shamefully admit that you read that sentence correctly. I may have to finish a few per month to keep up with others!

Here is my Table of UFO's/WIPS!

Behind my retreat piece on the left, its hard to see but there
is not one but two large dragons and the start of a tree....

A little closer? Ok!

Right side of the table...
The tall one is for Sherry's Libelle class.

Parts that go with some of those heads :)

Oh my, even inside some of the drawers....

This one is new, she is for my mom :)

How many wips can you spot in this picture? :O
Jk! Stop counting, please! hee hee

For those of you participating in the ADO challenge, Ophelia's is the one with the closed eyes. :)

Heads and dragon babies!
That lil one on the left is only about an inch, he's tiny :)

I usually keep my creative space private, That's probably partly because it's the biggest WIP of them all! Here's one of my tables, this is where I get messy. This is for you Linda!

If you look closely on the shelves, there's a few wips up there, it was easier to show the space then to move that giant dragonfly! Oh, and in case I haven't mentioned it before, I collect think? ;)

If one were to zoom in on the top shelf they'd find these lil guys hanging out there. The brown thing on the left that's hard to see is the dragonfly WIP (you may have seen his skeleton being built in an earlier entry.)

So close but yet so far from poor turtle hoonie awww.. soon lil one, soon!

And so it begins... Which should I start with? Any suggestions? :)

Thanks for visiting and please wish me luck, I'll need it!

BIG hugs,


MaryO said...

Sprite, you have an absolute wonderland of a studio! Your WIPs are enchanting. Or should I say "enchanted"? I cannot wait to see them as you finish each and every one! LOL!

Linda Fleming said...

I want to come live in your studio with all these delightful other wordly creations! Woo Hoo! Your studio looks magical.

Most of your UFOs look almost done, and just need costumes. That's where I lose interest. Love the sculpting process, but don't like doing the painting, costuming, and finishing touches.

Just pick one a month to finish and concentrate on it. So what if it takes you 60 months to finish them all?

Thanks for all the photos, Sprite- I really enjoyed them and getting a peek into your studio.

MaryO said...

Sprite, I meant to add my condolences to you and your family for the losses you've suffered recently. My heart aches for all of you.

Sherry Goshon said...

OMG I love them all...send me a UFO for my bday teehee
you truly do drop off at different points...wait til you see mine...mostly heads...I never get much farther if I'm gonna stop...a couple but girl you crack me up....and good for you to take the pic...that is big steps...wohooo

Shashi Nayagam said...

You do seem to have quite a few UFOs but I am sure they will come together without a problem. All of them look very interesting characters.

Pattee said...

Sprite first of all I hope your way better and I sorry for your losses.

I love your studio!!!
And those WIPS look done to me! LOL as I have all my WIPs (almost) are in the basement.

Thanks for a peek inside your space~

Jean Bernard said...

Love the studio Spike ! I see lil creatures everywhere. ah I could live in those shelves :) you gotta show everyone your claw lolol
love ya Spike

3rdEyeMuse said...

that space and ALL those WIPS have me stuttering, swooning and drooling - holy smokes! Wow. uh, really - WOW.

hmmm ... how about the one for your mom & then a baby dragon? :)

hoppa said...

Sorite you have a wonderful studio.Love all those wips and the artwork too. It is just so magical!

As Seen Thru My Eyes said...

Oh are so cute! :)'s a wonder that you can sleep at night with all those WIP whispering in your ears...But what wonderful energy surrounds you! What creative, heart warming...soul touching...inspiration you have cleverly surrounded yourself with. You have created a space that swirls with beautiful energy. What a smart one you are! This is your healing energy....this is the source of the healing energy that will soothe your grandmother and your mother. You are all you need. So beautiful, you are.

thomi said...

Hello there, come on over to my blog, there is an award waiting for you!

Unknown said...

Hi Sprite - sorry to hear the past few months have been so tough, I really hope things are getting better.
Your studio is unbeleivable!! so much cretive energy in there :)
I would love to join in the UFO project, but still out of action, maybe in a few weeks time

Zoya said...

I cant wait to see all of your WIPs finished. Id love to join in your challenge, but I just finished the last two of my WIPs and figured out how to put them together. Great idea though.


PS Sending all of my healing vibes to your grandmother and my condolances on your losses.

Sprite said...

Thanks so much for the comments and for the well wishes :) Much appreciated!

Thanks 3rdeye ;) I think I will work on finishing those first! I started a few new ones as well. Bad sprite!

I'll post separate but for those who currently do not have any Wips (how!?) I'm sure It'd be ok to join by creating and completing a new piece each month anyway. ;)


Maximus said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work space. It is pretty comforting to know that I am not the only one with WIP heads all around! LOL Thanks for sharing. I loved this entry. :o) Amy

HElen said...

Love your studio! All creations of yours, love them all, finished or not, they are great!

Yes, you got me in UFO challenge :)

Chicken Lips said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - so glad you did! Your work is amazing!!!!

Lisa Gatz said...

You have SO many things that you've worked on! Even though they're not finished, that all accounts for a lot of skill building and no wonder you sculpt so beautifully!

I think you're coming out of your shell, lil miss Sprite!

Love and hugs,

Sherry Goshon said...

I gave you the sisterhood award come to my blog to see sherry

daphnelwilliams said...

To keep me focused, I would love to be added to your WIP challenge. I just posted a pic on my blog and will be adding more soon!!
Thanks, Daphne

Gail Lackey said...

Hey Sprite,
I'm sending good energy your way! Geez seems everyone I know has gone trough some tough times lately..Is there something in the planets???!
what ever it is I'm hoping it's on its way out so we can all get back to our creative spaces!
Big hugs, gail

daphnelwilliams said...

Wow, you sure have a lot of WIP's. I can see it craft room is going to look like this soon!!! I love all the different things you are working on and can't wait to see some of them finished!!!

Unknown said...

Hey Sprite!
wow, I love seeing all your work in progress, awesome pieces! I am going to make sure to check back to see who gets there turn getting completed.
I Love that face sitting behind your girl in the dress. wish I could see it better. your work is fabulous.
:) Nicole
I am sending well wishes and healing thoughts to your Grandma, hope she is feeling better. ♥

Nita said...

I loved looking closely at the images of your workshop. I still dont have a nice area to work,but its so fun to dream and see how others work! its nice to see how active your stuidio is!:D

I also have a blogger award for you if you want to visit my blog.

DawnS/Oddfae said...

Hey Sprite, what a great idea!! Please add me to the list for the sounds like the incentive I need!!

Sending good thoughts to your Gran!