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Monday, January 4, 2010

A Photo a week!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm participating in "a photo a week challenge". It's really neat, like a glimpse into the participants lives. If you'd like more info head over to Linda's blog :) This weeks is a free choice of whatever we wanted to take a picture of. Most of the weeks to follow will have a theme.

All day I wondered what my first photo would be of... and then I had the challenge of finding some working batteries somewhere in this house to be able to snap it when I figured out what it would be. I managed to "borrow" some for a few minutes and just then as I was putting them in the camera, I walked in the room to find my beautiful lil? black kitty Mira, sitting in an old chair (my grandmas) by the lil electric fireplace in my studio.

She's such a good cat, she gives great hugs and kisses and is a just a sweetie, she's also blind.

She gets along fine though, in fact so well that although it's been confirmed, sometimes it's questionable ;)

Here's some trivia and history for anyone who wants to read it :) I have 5 kitties I adore, all of which are rescues.

I've had her for about 10 years. I used to help out a little at the vet/adoption center where I adopted my two boys from. I walked in one day to find this tiny little black thing facing the back of the cage crying/meowing. When I'd asked what was wrong they told me she'd gotten adopted so they fixed her but she was too little and young and she died. They resuscitated her but she came back without her eyesight and the people who were going to adopt her decided they didn't want her anymore because she was blind. Awww! It broke my heart. They weren't charging any adoption fees since she was disabled, I had no idea what I'd do with three cats (kittens!), let alone a blind one in my very small apt but it didn't matter. I stuck that little tiny thing in the front pocket of the orange hoodie sweater I was wearing, got her medication because her stomach was all shaved and infected, put it in my other pocket and took her home and nursed her to health.

Mira, is short for miracle... shhh cheesy, I know.... ;)

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MaryO said...

Aw, Sprite, that is so sweet! Mira is a beautiful kitty and so lucky that kind-hearted Sprite found and adopted her!

JudiA said...

Not cheesy at all, but very appropriate. I have 4 myself, and every one has found me in just the same way. How can we resist? Mire is beautiful, and I'm sure she knows it even if she can't see in a mirror. You have such a beautiful heart Sprite.

HElen said...

Sprite, it is so touching story, I am so glad that Mira found such a good hearted you!
She looks very comfy next to this firepalce :)

Linda Fleming said...

Awww... what a great story. And aren't you a sweetheart to give Mira such a good home.

Love that photo, looks so cozy and warm.

Serena said...

What a beautiful story and I'm so glad that you and Mira crossed paths. She's a beautiful cat! If it wasn't for the strict house rental regulations here, I'm sure I would have quite a menagerie of rescue animals myself.

Jennifer Rose said...

very pretty cat :) and very sweet story, good to hear of someone not caring about an animal having a disability :)

BumbleVee said...

I didn't think it cheesy to call her Mira....I thought it a clever way to name her.

She is lovely.... I hope you have many more years yet... our old cats from when I was a kid lived til 22 and 21... a mother and daughter... my little brother never knew a day without old Tippy... who had tips of white...and Fluffy...who was ...erm.... fluffy....

Sue said...

Aw...Mira is a beautiful name as is the meaning behind her name! Thank you so much for sharing her story and your story of your little family of felines with us!

Great pic of Mira!


Mike Fleming said...

One very smart cat, she has found the perfect spot.

Sprite said...

AWWW thank you all so much for the very sweet comments. :)

Vee that's so wonderful! All of my kitties are fairly close in age. I have been saying for so many years that my cats are going to live at least 22 years. They'd better! I love them so much! :)

BIG hugs,

Cat said...

I stumbled upon your blog when googling for something else ... glad I did!
We lost two of our kitties last year, one of them only had one eye, so this story was particularly heartwarming for me.
We still have four, spoiled to the core! ;-)

Joanna Thomas said...

Thank you for sharing your story Sprite. I believe that dogs and cats serve special places in our lives for special reasons and those reasons are not just random. You found your cat and she found you and it was always meant to be.
You give her, her sight~

Abi said...

How wonderful! I'm so glad you fell for her - perfect.

Sprite said...

Hi Cat, welcome! So nice to meet you :)

Aww I'm soo sorry to hear of your losses. It's amazing how such a little creature can become such a big part of our lives isn't it? I bet they are spoiled! hee hee ;) Mine too, it seems the run the place most of the time! ;)

Thank you so much for visiting and dropping me a comment! :)

Big hugs,

Sprite said...

Oh Joanna, that is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard, I'm teary eyed. Thank you sweetie! :)

Sprite said...

Thanks Abi!! :)

Ree said...

Oh dear Heavens what a sweet wonderful story! So glad I stopped by before heading to bed =:o)

Such a precious beautiful kitty and she has a loving and caring home, doesn't get any better then that!

Xoxoxxx Ree