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Monday, May 18, 2009

Random post, and pics to prove it! :D

Hi Everyone! I hope you have all been super :)

Things have once again been crazy. The new classes have just started and so I may be a little quiet here and there while I finish up the rest of the lessons, but not today! I cannot believe how many photo's I took!!! While I pulling em' I thought maybe I'd show you a few of the others snapped recently that were mixed in the bunch :) Here we go!

First up - I AM in fact? the queen of procrastination!

A few weeks ago, while I was supposed to be working and preparing the lessons, I took a little much needed break. We had a gorgeous day ahead so I wanted to take advantage, plant a few flowers and clean the deck before it was too late to plant flowers on the deck - again. My little sister and I went to home depot, picked up some pretty flowers and when I headed outside to plant them and clean up the deck, I quickly remembered I still had the once living Christmas tree sitting in the middle of it. Woopsie. (Notice the pine needle covered floor?)

It's been there a while so I just kinda overlooked the fact that maybe it shouldn't still be there?
I had foot surgery and at the time the easiest solution was take off the vintage glass ornaments so they didn't break and put it outside. Although it's now MAY, this is still acceptable since I use these branches & needles in my work right? (yay more reasons to never get rid of anything :D) After all, I did need sticks for the cage class right? But how many? There lies the problem.

I love twigs, branches, leaves all of that, I collect them and sometimes to what might be a seemingly unhealthy level. (I have twigs, crunched leaf bits & have been known to have a few rocks on occasion... in my purse. You know its not right, when you put your hand in your bag and come out with a splinter!) With that said, so low I hope no one heard it, selecting just a few to use for class was not an option because they are all so unique and individually different I needed them all!? So, instead I spent the next few hours, (uhhh first removing the lights I had not taken off previously because I could not hop around the tree to get them) and then clipping the branches off the tree and putting them in a box to use for the class piece later and some just to hold on to.

Can someone please tell me why my photo is coming up sideways?

By the way, the other half of the tree is still on the deck. Who needs branches? ha ha ha jk!

Here's my Lenny cat looking all kinds of cute through the kitchen window :)

and this is three of my five kitties looking at mommy like she's nuts through the screen door. Really, they wanted to come out to play :) Although Sabre's eyes are slightly closed, I'm excited that it came out at all. It's been impossible to get them together, one either moves, eyes closed, meowing, etc..

Next up, I have a new dragon who may just be the first to see ebay :) I love how this little guy is turning out so far so we'll see ;) That and if my sister doesn't steal it. Whenever she/they stop(s) by the house she sticks them right in her pocket and tries to get away with them! She doesn't even seem to mind if they are finished or not, just that they should be hers :) Too cute!

This one is a beach - glass dragon. He's sculpted in polymer right onto the base but his base will also consist of shards of beach washed glass and most likely a mix of earth and sand. His horns and scales are also beach glass. This is the only clear pic in the bunch but I'll put up others when it's complete. I've started painting it in my usual washes and layers so its always interesting to see what color it ends up, right now purples. My first very purple dragon!

This little guy in the middle will be in a pod or shell of sorts. He will probably be the first available on etsy. I'd like to get two finished and up there at once so he's not all alone ;)

And this one I just can't wait to get back to! My lil rodent faerie. She looks a little rough here, she has only had her first wash. I've done a little more on her since, but haven't taken photo's yet. ;)

Oh! I almost forgot, I should have a few mini tutorials to share with you soon. Once I started snapping pics for the lessons, I could not stop myself, there was so much stuff I wanted to share! So the bonus's I'll put on my blog for everyone to see if and when I can find the time to put them all together. There just isn't enough hours in a day is there.... sigh.. ;) Oh well, I'll just have to live an extra long and/or immortal life so I can get it all accomplished! ;)

Have a great day everyone and thanks so much for visiting!!!

Big hugs,


Karen Becker said...

Sprite, I'm happy to finally meet some of your sweet kitties! They are so pretty.

Jacque Uetz said...

Sprite i love the part about the tree roflol!! mm good excuse but sometimes we do need those things..:}
I love your sculpts you are the best! the kitties are all so cute no wonder you have a big family!

Pegasus Kelly said...

I have such a hard job getting a nice photo of one cat, never mind trying to get three. Jemma always wants to walk up to find out what I doing.
I love your pieces, even in these early stages you can see the life in them.
(And I thought I was the queen of procrastination but after hearing about that Christmas Tree - you win!)

Silke Janas-Schloesser said...

Hi Sprite, the Dragons are amazing ! Wonderful !!! Where can I find your Etsy or Ebay shop ?
Best faery wishes, Silke

MaryO said...

Delightful post, Sprite!! I love your sculpts AND your kitties! Ummm, I knew we had something in common...I just last week took down a Christmas bow I had over my breakfast room windows, and the lighted star is still up, but I may leave it up all year because I love it!

Joanna Thomas said...

Thank you for sharing everything! It was a real treat from the tree to the dragons to the cats! I loved it all!

Sue said...

Sprite I loved your much to look at! That tree is just too much fun LOL, your kitties are adorable and I love the dragons and your little rodent fae! You have a lot going on!

Jean Bernard said...

Love the posts Spike :)
The kitties look too cute! the gray one looks like my Rosie. awesome job on the new dragons!
Love ya Spike

Denise said...

absolutely love the dragons. they are so cute. I am going to have to have to own one of them soon! :-)

Christine's Arts said...

LOL! I read the fine print too! You are very funny and loved meeting your kitties. You get a lot done for a procrastination queen. lol

Bone*Head*Studios said...

How magical your creatures are!!!
what kind of clay is that transparent looking one that you've used for the horns? Just gorgeous!!!

Sprite said...

Hi everyone! I've been swamped! Silke Ebay/Etsy story to come very soon I hope!Flora, those are made from translucent polymer :)Thanks so much for visiting and for the questions!! Luv and big hugs,

Bonnie said...

OHHHHHHH that dragon is so wonderful..I just love your dragons..let us know when it is ready to fly away.

Misty's Creations said...

Sprite, thank you for telling me about Jay at arctic fantasy. He is very nice I bought a sculpting stand and the angora hair is perfact...BTW your dragons are amazing!

BabesbyBarb said...

Hey Sprite I love coming here and seeing all your creativity, that little rodent fairy is darling I hope to see it finished soon and I love all of your dragons, I hope your foot is feeling better now
thanks for sharing the photos

Bear said...

oh Sprite
wowee wot a post- love the kitties, love the new dragon cannot wait to see their colours u know bear and poirple my love! and then theres the rodent fairie shes going to be so pretty for a rodent but thats certainly allowed isnt it??
love u too bear xoxoxoxoxo