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Monday, February 5, 2007

Using Fantasy film.... a different way.

Here she is, the previously mentioned bug woman. I was asked if i could give some information on how the fantasy film was used so here it is :) for anyone who wants it.

If you like the technique and/or have questions about it feel free to email me or leave a comment and I will be happy to help.

Her buggy body was originally painted shades of green and the spots and legs in black, i used the films to form fit her in a bug shell type suit. Since the film is iridescent and transparent you can see the paint beneath it and it makes an interesting effect. Small scrap pieces of film work for various parts and can always be used for something so don’t throw them away.

You can use glue (dries clear, or a paper glaze) to tack the film to certain areas. Let it dry and then start to shape it in the direction you want it to go in (so it has a little direction as to where it will go once heated/). One of the reasons, I say let the glue dry completely is as a safety measure; most glues are flammable. It also tends to bubble or burn when heated if it’s not dry completely. (I like that effect, depending on the piece), but if attempting this please be very careful, it gets very hot.

Form fit the ends so that they curve around the body with the heat gun. You can use hemostats, scissors, tweezers, etc to alter the shape and direction of the film, then heat again to shrink more if necessary.
Ex: if the film in an area is too big for that part of the piece you can trim it then shrink/melt it more.
You can also use your fingers to flatten and curve it around specific parts better once it cools slightly, it must still be warm to work properly, but you will burn yourself if it’s too hot.
(Speaking from experience!).

Her wings are fantasy film with Angelina/hot fix fibers. I drew them first, placed a piece of glass over it so I could use it as a guide. Put the sheet of film over it and formed the wires, tacked areas with glue to hold in place. Sprinkled the fibers on the piece of fantasy film with the wire and added another piece of film. (Sandwich) Placed the sandwich on a piece of parchment and placed another piece of parchment on top of it, ironed it until it all became one heated meshed together piece. Then cut it out a little wider than the wire frame and used the heat gun to seal the edges. Glass microbeads,alchohol inks and fibers were also used to embellish. I hope this helps :)


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Carole Ingram said...

WOW!!! You have a BLOG! How cool is that? I am glad you are my BPSAG and personal e-pal. You ARE an amazing artist and will only get BETTER. I want to see some of your drawing shown now....PRETTY PLEASE??? You are so orginal and unique in the fantasy you draw too. Hugs & love, Carole